Gas prices on the rise again

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) The impact of the drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities over the weekend is increasing gas prices.

CBS News reported Saturday's attack halted the production of 5.7 million barrels of crude oil. That's over half of what Saudi Arabia puts out in a day and more than 5% of what the world can produce in a day. That loss sent gas prices soaring.

While our area average of $2.37 per gallon is still $0.30 below the national average, the price at the pump is $0.14 more than what you might have paid just last week.

"About half of what you pay at the gas pump is made up in the cost of crude oil, and so with crude oil prices going up we've seen gas prices go up," says Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas Spokesman.

He says crude oil is an important part of the global market, so gas prices will remain higher than normal until things settle down in Saudi Arabia.

"Once this is resolved we do expect everything will eventually return to normal because normally in the fall we're switching over to winter-blend gasoline; demand for gasoline is falling and gas prices are typically falling as well," says Armbruster.

The Saudi government says the issues will be resolved by the end of September.

Texoma drivers like David James say they're used to the rise and fall of prices, but what goes through their minds when they first hear about global conflict?

"Well, you know, $3 gas again, $4 gas again," says James.

Armbruster says these prices may only be short-lived, but in the meantime, drivers can save fuel by avoiding what they call "jackrabbit" starts and hard acceleration, and keeping your tires properly inflated.