Gas prices up in Sherman-Denison area

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - The average gas price is up $.10 from last week in the Sherman- Denison area, and according to AAA people are paying less at the pump just across the Red River.

"I like to keep my money in my pocket and I like to save," Jordan Peeler-Clay said.

Peeler-Clay said he lives in Denison, but filled his truck up in Bryan County because it was a better deal.

The average price per gallon in Bryan County is $2.23, about seven cents less than Grayson County's average.

"Sometimes I come out here to Durant or Bryan County," Peeler-Clay said.

According to AAA, Bryan County has the lowest average gas price in Texoma this week.

But Kevin Bigbee said he doesn't mind prices in Grayson County.

He's used to paying Midland prices, the highest in the state right now.

"I work in west Texas so the price here is currently $2.36, and we pay $2.50 minimum, $2.60 in some places, some places even higher," Bigbee said.

AAA Texas Spokesperson, Daniel Armbruster, said gas prices in Texas are up because of a "summer-like" demand with people traveling.

"In the summertime we usually see more people traveling so demand for retail gasoline is usually higher," Armbruster said.

Of the 27 areas surveyed by AAA Texas, the only area that has increased in price since last year is the Sherman-Denison area, which is up four cents.

"Even though that number is slightly higher, Sherman usually fares pretty well in regards to prices when you compare it to other cities in Texas," Armbruster said.

Armbruster said if U.S. trade talks with China continue to improve, oil prices could go up.

He said gas prices go up as demand grows in an area.

Bigbee said convenience is important, and he doesn't plan on going to Oklahoma for cheaper gas.

"The time in my life, it wouldn't be ample to the cost in savings there," Bigbee said.