Gene Autry town meeting agenda calls for mayors resignation

GENE AUTRY, Okla. (KXII) - An agenda written by town board member, Robert Gilio, for Tuesday night's meeting included a call for Mayor Kyle Lawson's resignation and a request he pay the town back 400 dollars.

Gilio says that was the salary they paid Lawson to serve as mayor starting in July.

"You can clearly hear me ask the mayor what this money was for - a reimbursement for some function he had to go to - he stated no, salary," Gilio said, "at that point and time I began to investigate the matter."

Lawson also says when he took over the town was on the brink of bankruptcy and over 300 thousand dollars in debt.

"At the time the town couldn't afford the salary, so I told them I would volunteer my services until the time the town could afford to pay the salary," Lawson said.

Lawson says the requested salary was put in the budget, was presented in a hearing back in June and passed by the board, including Robert Gilio.

But Gilio now claims his vote shouldn't count because the Oklahoma Municipal League has since advised him the board could only have three or five members - not four.

"I got the OML publication," Gilio said, "my name is not listed on there, the board consisted at that time of the Mayor Kyle Lawson, Vice Mayor John Wickware and Trustee Thressa Walker."

Gilio also claims Lawson's salary violates a statue in the Oklahoma constitution.

"Doesn't matter if it was in the budget or not, there is no previous ordinance on record that grants the mayor any pay of any kind," Gilio said.

Lawson says he has returned the money back to the town and will not accept pay until this issue is resolved.

Lawson also did not attend Tuesday's meeting, saying it was not posted 24 hours in advance, violating the open meetings act.

Gilio says he wants an attorney to look into this matter.

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