Ardmore girl group helps homeless in Operation: Kindness

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- In a lesson in kindness, a group of mentored girls reached out to their community, asking for donations to help the homeless.

"B is for beautiful, L is for loving, U is for unique and E is for exceptional." Aubryna Piggee, an eight-year-old member of the group, said.

Be B.L.U.E is a mentoring program for girls kindergarten to 5th grade, under the non-profit Restoring Lives, which seeks to help underprivileged families in Oklahoma.

"We got to help with the homeless, and we get to learn new things."
Mentee Aaliyah Parson said.

In a project dubbed, Operation: Kindness, they spent the month of November learning about kindness, asking members of the Ardmore community to donate towards care bags for the homeless.

"The homeless don't have anything, and they don't have food and they' [can be] injured," Parson said. "So we put bandages and crackers, and stuff."

In total, they were able to put together over 100 bags.

"Some people put in socks, so it just kind of caught on, and people put it what they felt the homeless would need." Founder of Restoring Lives and Coordinator for Be B.L.U.E, said.

On Friday, they delivered them all to the Grace Day Center in Ardmore.

"These things, nobody would understand how these guys and ladies and these kids that I see light up when they get this stuff," Grace Day Center Director Megan Boyer said. "And this bag would not mean anything to a lot of people, but it means a lot to them."

Something the girls are proud of.

"It feels good, very good and it feels like you're just being kind," Piggee said. "I just want to make the homeless happy."

And that's what being B.L.U.E is all about.

"How we raise the next generation of kids is so important. And these kids are beautiful, these girls are beautiful, and they were so good today," Boyer said. "They just came in and they're all smiling, and you can see the love, and that means a lot."

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