Good Samaritans rescue driver in fiery semi accident

Published: Sep. 13, 2016 at 10:24 PM CDT
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A man is lucky to be alive after a fiery semi crash in Fannin County Monday.

Robert Wilkerson and his mother Trina live in Kingston. They were headed to the Bonham VA Monday afternoon when they pulled up to an accident on Highway 78 north of the city.

A semi had crashed into Wolf Creek and the driver was trapped.

"The driver's side was on fire so he couldn't crawl out that way and he had no way to get out," said Robert Wilkerson.

Robert says the driver was pleading for help. "He was talking to me telling me to get him out," Wilkerson said. "But we couldn't get him out until another person came to help pull the door open."

It took four people to get the passenger side door open. The truck was carrying silica sand and Robert says they had to move the sand out of the way.

"His leg was broken in a couple different places and he couldn't walk, so me and my mom and one other person carried him up the hill," Wilkerson said.

The driver, whose name hasn't been released, was flown to Plano. The Wilkerson family says they went down there to check on him. They say he remembers the accident.

"He said a vehicle stopped in front of him and he said he couldn't stop in time, so instead of hurting the people in front of him he saved their lives and took the ditch," Robert said.

The driver is expected to recover. The Wilkerson's say they're just glad they were there to help.

"When you see someone in danger you've got to do something," said Trina Wilkerson.

"It's great to save another persons life," Robert said.

The Wilkersons say they have a new appreciation for first responders after helping with this wreck.

They plan to buy the driver a new pair of boots since his were destroyed in the fire.