Gov. Abbott discourages property tax raises by local governments

AUSTIN, Tex. (KXII) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is urging local governments across the state to stop property tax increases for Texans.

On Tuesday, Abbott responded to a recent letter from several lawmakers asking him to pause property tax increases for this year due to the financial strain caused by COVID-19.

In his letter, Abbott says he supports lessening the tax burden on Texas but clarified that local governments, not the state, set property tax rates.

"Property owners shouldn't be saddled with rising property taxes while dealing with a pandemic," Abbott said. "As a result, local governments, who set property tax rates, should find ways to reduce the tax burden on Texans. Whether we're facing times of challenge or times of prosperity — raising taxes on the people of Texas is never the answer."

In the letter, Abbott also urged members to help pass legislation that would protect business owners, employees and first responders from being held liable for COVID-19 exposure claims.

"Getting people back to work in a safe manner is incredibly important, and vital to our continues success as a state," Abbott said. "Providing this liability protection will help encourage businesses to open and follow the best practice protocols to keep our community safe."

The full letter can be read here.