Gov. Kevin Stitt visits areas hit by Tuesday's tornado

Published: May. 6, 2019 at 6:26 PM CDT
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Governor Kevin Stitt visited Five Doe Road and Boyd Road in Blue Monday morning, where much of the tornado damage took place.

The governor spoke with one woman who only had a few seconds to find shelter in her home before the tornado hit.

"We saw it from the air but then to get boots on the ground and we stopped to visit with the families that were affected and hearing the was very moving," said Gov. Stitt.

One of those families, the Hydes.

"I'll tell you, it was just a night that God was with us. That's the only thing I can say," said Patty Hyde.

Hyde lives on Boyd Road next to her daughter, whose family dodged the storm Tuesday night by getting in their storm cellar.

Unlike her daughter, Hyde was still in her house.

"The phone rang and it was my sister and she said 'I hope you're in the cellar,' I said 'no I'm fixing to go to bed why?' She said well there's a tornado over your house," said Hyde.

Hyde and her other daughter, who lives with her, had to act quickly, getting into the bathtub.

"We just hugged each other and told each other we loved each other, and I said 'everything is going to be fine, God's gonna take care of us, we're going to be fine,' Bricks started falling in, the roof started tearing off it was getting pretty scary for a while," said Hyde.

Neither Hyde nor her daughter were hurt.

Oklahoma emergency management says FEMA was in Blue Monday, and are evaluating the damage to see what kind of relief the area needs.

"I declared an emergency for the counties that were effected so we can get FEMA, some federal dollars here to start the clean up effort and also to help with some of the uninsured population and provide what they need," said Gov. Stitt.

Hyde says her family has already received help from dozens of local volunteers.

"We're just a little rural community, but when it comes to love and fellowship and friendship, we're one of the biggest cities," said Hyde.

Bryan county emergency management says they have received plenty of water, baby wipes and tarps as donations, but have now requested totes to carry those items, and you can still drop those off at Rock Creek Elementary.

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