Gov. Mary Fallin signs emergency rules for medical marijuana

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The state's Health Department voted Tuesday to prohibit the sale of smokeable marijuana and require a pharmacist be on staff at dispensaries - rules that are not settling well with voters who voted yes for medical marijuana.

"They went against the people of Oklahoma and what we wanted," Todd Larkin said. "I was very disappointed and thought there were some huge mistakes made yesterday."

Todd Larkin owns Pure Wellness CBD in Ardmore.

The veteran who advocates for the use of marijuana says he became concerned for those patients who could benefit the most from smokeable products.

"People who are dealing with pain, they're going to have to wait sometimes up to a couple of hours before they get any relief because they are going to have to take an oil or edible," Larkin said.

The rules still allow those who grow their own marijuana to smoke it but Larkin says he believes that will cost the state in the form of lost tax revenue on smokeable products.

"This was supposed to be about money and revenue for the state as well," Larkin said. "Talking to dispensaries in Colorado, that's about 65% of their income is smokeable products so that's a huge chunk."

Gov. Fallin signed off on the emergency rules Wednesday stating it was a proper framework regulating medical marijuana.

Despite the board's attorney being against the additions, the state's Health Department says they pushed the rules out of concern for public health.

"To allow smokeable forms would be a step back in their role as protectors of public health in Oklahoma," Interim Health Commissioner Tom bates said.

"We are going to fight and I promise you, I've got a lot fight in me and we'll fight tooth and nail to get access," Larkin said.

Last month nearly 57% of voters voted yes for the legalization of the use, sell and growth of medical marijuana.

A link to Gov. Fallin's press release is attached.

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