Grass clippings wreaking havoc for motorcycle riders

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Ardmore, Okla. (KXII) - With a warm sun radiating and making everything dry, it's a perfect time to trim the yard. You might not realize the Ardmore ordinance of yard trimmings, specifically grass, but it can give you a fine up to $500 if you blow it into the road.

A Harley Davidson on display at Longhorn Scooters in Ardmore, Okla. on July 17, 2019.

It can also become hazardous for a motorcycle riders.

"Grass clippings on concrete or asphalt is about equal to ice,” said Kevin Foster, a long time motorcycle rider.

Foster said he goes out on his bike at least two times a week, and each time he sees a new house with grass trimmings by the curb.

“This year has been the worst because of the rain and the speed the grass has grown. You get a few days of dry weather and then everybody goes out and mows," Foster said.

Jessica Scott, the Director of Community of Development with the City of Ardmore and said another hazard the city faces is grass getting into the sewer system.

"We send a warning. Just to educate and say, ‘Hey, this is against the code and these are the reasons why, please don't do it.' And if it continues and we get a complaint, it's a citation and it has a fine potentially up to $500,” Scott said.

For motorcycle rider Butch Logan, who has traveled the U.S. on his bike, said this hazard may be small, but it can sneak up on to the most experience of rider.

"If you are behind a car or a group of motorcycles, the grass will blow up right off of the road and go right around your glasses into your eyes. You're now blind," Logan said. "What are you going to do? Hit the brakes in slick grass?”

The City of Ardmore said to the best way to avoid a fine is to blow your grass trimmings back into your yard.