Grass fire burns more than 1,000 acres of land

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- More than 1,000 acres were destroyed in Jefferson county Saturday, in a grass fire that needed the help of more than a dozen fire departments to put out.

"Before you knew it, it was over the top of the hill," Neighbor Dorotha Seay said. "And it looked like it stretched out for miles."

Seay lives across from her brother-in-law, who runs the Seay Brother's Ranch. She says was inside when she first noticed emergency lights, and then ran outside to find his ranch on fire.

"Oh my God its a fire, and at that time, it was scary." Seay said.

Firefighters say the fire started off Country Road 2930 around 3 p.m. Saturday, with dead grass and dry weather conditions allowing it to quickly spread.

"You could tell it was being put out, but then the flames were getting higher and higher as you got toward highway 70, toward Claypool." Seay said.

1,700 acres burned, and 16 fire departments responded, assisting from as far as Comanche and Love Counties.

"How nice it is to have these guys that come out," Seay said. "They're just called, and they come. It doesn't matter when, what time. They're here."

No homes or livestock were endangered, but firefighters say a ranch employee who was helping fight the fire broke his ankle and had to be taken by ambulance to Wichita Falls.

Firefighters believe a hot exhaust pipe from a four wheeler sparked the blaze. It was under control by 6:30 p.m. Saturday, though it rekindled briefly Sunday afternoon.

"We're so lucky around here, that we have so many people that do that," Seay said. "I mean, yesterday was a big day, that was the OU - OSU game. People were having parties. And they dropped what they were doing and came, because someone was in need."

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