Grayson College, Texoma Workforce Board awarded $1.2 million in grants

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After being in the army for four years, Michael Luck came back to his hometown of Denison to begin life after the military. He says he hopes the money from the grants will not only help him, but also more people who may share his same story.

"You have no idea what you're going to do, you don't know what kind of career field you're going to get into, where you're going to work," said Luck.

Luck was stationed in Fort Bliss, and spent 13 months in Guam, where he worked in air defense.

When he came back home in 2016 he began taking classes at Grayson College and started working at Presco.

He says it was a difficult transition from the military.

"You have to make a life decision, drastically because you still have bills to pay, you still have to figure out your life basically," said Luck.

Luck, along with hundreds of others, will now have a little help.

The $1.1 million grant from the Texas Workforce Commission will provide industry related training to 627 new and current workers in the area.

The $100,000 grant will provide tuition to Grayson College for up to 42 students who attend manufacturing training.

"Literally what you're seeing is state dollars partnering with local dollars to make sure the kids in this community have the opportunity to learn in this community, get jobs in this community, start careers in this community, and start benefitting this community," said Robert Thomas, TWC Commissioner Representing the Public.

"Some people aren't necessarily coming out of the military, they could have a completely different background. It will definitely give you new opportunities and build a foundation for you to better your career," said Luck.