Grayson College breaks ground for new on-campus dorm

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- After two years of planning, Grayson College administrators celebrated the start of a new phase for the college.

"We broke ground on a 99 bed dormitory which will create new life on our campus," said Grayson College President Dr. Jeremy McMillen.

Dr. McMillen said this will be the second on campus dorm for students.

Officials said a lot of students expressed interest for more on campus housing. Administrators said old off campus dorms near Perrin Air Force base were outdated and not being used and the school said they want students to have affordable on campus housing.

"What we see in these building projects is not just these buildings, but the success these students will have and it's effect in the community long-term," said Dr. McMillen.

Sophomore Mary Stulsas, who lives on campus at the Viking Hall which houses close to 100 students... says she's excited to see Grayson College grow.

"A new residence hall will open up doors to many people," said Stulsas. "And I know many people on waiting lists to get into the dorms and I think it's great we will add at least 100 more people to our student body."

Dr. McMillen said the dorm will cost seven million plus furnishing costs, paid for with money from reserves. It's set to open in August 2018.

"Being able to see the students walking in that will be a really exciting day for us," said Dr. McMillen.

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