Grayson College receives $541K grant in a partnership with Finisar

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII)- Grayson College and Finisar will be gearing up to train new employees in a skills development program.

The executive director of the center of workplace learning Djuna Forrester says the goal of the grant is to help teach new hires how to function in their new jobs, but also train prospective employees.

"It's a great opportunity for us to bridge that gap between the workforce that needs young, talented, potential workers and our ability to build capacity at the college," said Forrester.

Finisar CEO Michael Hurlston said Finisar is dedicated to making the project work.

"It's a 500 thousand dollar commitment to fund training for higher technology types of employees," said Hurlston.

New hires at Finisar will receive 40 hours of training for onboarding, which includes courses on safety, communication, and proper equipment handling.

While this is not a degree program, Forrester says this will also help Finisar find workers who are new to the field.

"It's really different than coming in and doing a degree program, this is meant for them to identify people who are in the local workforce that may or may not have any back ground," said Forrester.

Forrester says the program could also help employees move up within Finisar.

"We will look at as they have time on the floor, what are some other needs they have to continue to move up in line to be promoteable, to increase their wages and so forth," said Forrester.

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