Grayson County 5th grader chosen to sing on national stage

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- 10-year-old Mary Clare has grown up performing so it was no surprise when she was recommended by her local 4-H chapter to sing at a 4-H event.

"It feels good because out of all the people that can sing in Grayson County, she chose me," said Mary Clare.

What was a surprise; the event is a National Awards Ceremony and Mary Clare was the first youth performer ever chosen from Texas to sing alongside someone very special.

"And then she got the call that she would be performing with Jennifer Nettles herself," said Shawnda Rains, Mary Clare's performing coach.

As the lead singer of country music band Sugarland, and a former 4-H'er herself, Jennifer Nettles is everything Mary Clare wants to be.

"Next thing you know, were on a plane going to Washington, D.C. So it was kind of surreal how it all happened," said Stephanie Foley, Mary Clare's mother.

Mary Clare's inspirational day of living out her dreams is motivating her to work even harder for them now.

"You have to practice and you have to sacrifice some things," said Mary Clare.

"For Mary Clare, I mean, she does have big dreams. She's still ten years old. She goes and she gets on that stage and she sings like an adult and then she jumps off and she's skipping down the hall and she wants her ice cream," said Rains.

She's proving you don't have to be big to have big dreams.

"They can do anything they put their minds to, they just need to have faith in themselves and in the one that created them," said Foley.

Mary Clare knows the sky is the limit and this is just a step in her journey.

"If you keep on going and going and practicing and showing and all of that stuff, being invited to stuff like I did in Washington D.C., it will one time eventually pay off and you'll kind of be, if you want to be a country star like me, kind of like Jennifer Nettles," said Mary Clare.