Grayson County Grand Jury indictments

Wells, Johnnie, 01/03/1983 of Moyers, Okla., POSS C/S - Meth

Tinner, Tyree, 11/04/1997 of Sherman, Ct. 1 Unlawful WFZ; Ct. 2 POSS C/S DFZ - Cocaine; Proh Sub Corr Facil - Marij

Skaggs, Timothy, 03/30/1981 of Howe, Ct. 1 Ind. w/Child Sexual Cnt.; Ct. 2 Ind. w/Child Sexual Cnt.; Ct. 3 Ind. w/ Child Sexual Cnt.; Ct. 4 Indecency w/child Expose; Ct. 5 Sexual Assault of Child; Ct. 6 Proh. Sexual Conduct

Washington, Booker, 11/11/1964 of Pottsboro, Unl Poss Firearm by Felon

Pinkston, Brandon, 01/03/1987 of Anna, Theft Prop

Pomeroy, Zachary, 06/11/1995 of Sherman, Agg Assault w/DW SBI Family

Rasor, Marcus, 12/05/1977 of Sherman, Bail Jumping/FTA

Meade, Joshua , 04/08/1990 of Colbert, Okla., Theft Prop (by Check)

Moncrief, Keith, 07/21/1980 of Collinsville, POSS C/S - Meth

Lee, Tracy, 01/23/1980 of Lewisville, Theft Prop w/2 or more prev.

Hernandez, Ricky Don, 06/03/1993 of Collinsville, POSS C/S DFZ - Hydrocodone

Robbins, George, 05/08/1995 of Gainesville, POSS C/S - Meth

Hamilton, Clayton, 03/05/1987 of Bells, Ct. 1 POSS C/S - Meth; Ct. 2 Tmpr/Fbricate Phys Evid; Ct. 3 POSS C/S - Cocaine

Clark, Jordan, 05/12/1997 of Howe, AGG Assault w/DW

Gardea, Robin, 10/02/1971 of Denison, Ct. 1 Injury Child/Elderly/Mental; Ct. 2 Injury Child/Elderly/Mental; Ct. 3 Agg Assault w/DW; Ct. 4 Agg Assault w/DW; Ct. 5 Agg Assault w/DW; Ct. 6 Intox Assault w/MV SBI; Ct. 7 Intox Assault W/MV SBI; Ct. 8 Intox Assault w/MV SBI

Santos, Guadalupe, 12/06/1969 of Sherman, DWI 3rd or More

Phillips, Corbin, 11/04/1992 of Pottsboro, Sexual Assault Child

White, Jayson, 08/09/1999 of Denison, POSS C/S - Meth

Newsom, Donald, 09/07/1949 of Denison, POSS C/S - Hydromorphone

Ross, Caleb, 03/02/1998 of Sherman, POSS MARJ 2OZ<4OZ DFZ

Despain, Brent, 12/06/1989 of Denison, POSS C/S w/int - Meth

Baker, Christopher, 01/24/1974 of Salem, Ore., POSS C/S - Meth

Gardner, Danny, 04/01/1961 of Caddo, Okla., POSS C/S - Meth

Manners, Quiten, 07/01/1993 of Denison, POSS C/S DFZ - Meth

Grant, Justin, 03/31/1989 of Denison, Ct. 1 Agg Assault w/DW; Ct. 2 Agg Assault w/DW

Jackson, Brandon, 08/26/1993 of Denison, ACBI/FV Impede Breath

Logan, Ricky Dale Jr., 10/10/1978 of Sherman, Burglary of Building

Yarborough, Michael, 10/29/1983 of Waxahachie, Unl Poss Firearm by Felon

Lewis, Kendrick, 07/03/1987 of Denison, Agg Robbery

Warnke, Ronald, 04/25/1985 of Gunter, ACBI/FV w/prev. conv.

Corrigan, Rebekah, 11/24/1992 of Howe, Burglary of Habitation

Gray, Daquavius, 11/02/1995 of Sherman, Robbery; Unl Poss Firearm by Felon

Simmons, Joshua, 12/03/1984 of Sherman, Ct. 1 Attempted Murder; Ct. 2 Agg Assault w/DW SBI

Carisle, Zachary, 10/01/1996 of Sherman, POSS C/S- Meth

Leatherwood, Timothy, 01/23/1959 of Denison, POSS C/S DFZ