Grayson County Grand Jury indictments

Bridges, Rustin, 09/11/1979 of Sherman, Viol Bond/Prot. Order 2+w/12m; Stalking

Black, Andrea, 10/19/1973 of Durant, Okla., FTA

Jackson, Lanai, 06/15/1986 of Watauga, FTA

Roberts, Richard, 11/08/1967 of Sherman, Proh Sub Corr Facil-Poss D/W

Milner, Nina, 03/01/1972 of Sadler, Inj Child/Eld.Dis w/int bdly inj.

Hathaway, Devon, 09/29/1984 of Denison, Theft Prop >=$2,500<$30K

Hill, Jesse, 12/13/1996 of Howe, Burglary of Habitation

Kinney, Tyler, 09/25/1990 of Sherman, Assault Public Servant

Davis, Kelly, 07/25/1977 of Whitesboro, Ct. 1 POSS C/S - Methadone; Ct. 2 Abdn End. Child Crim. Negl.

Tice, Matthew, 02/25/1983 of Gordonville, POSS C/S - Heroin

Biggers, William Glen, II, 10/07/1984 of Denison, POSS C/S - Cocaine

Alexander, Creig, 10/10/1982 of Denison, POSS C/S - METH

Talbert, Colin, 12/22/1993 of Corinth, Ct. 1 Accident Inv. Inj/Death; Ct. 2 Accident Inv. Inj/Death

Mathis, Timothy , 08/03/1969 of Denison, Ct. 1 UNL Poss Firearm by Felon; Ct. 2 POSS C/S - Meth

Sedam, Crystal, 03/19/1985 of Mead, Okla., Organized Retail Theft

Ort, Robert Lee II, 05/10/1963 of Howe, Ct. 1 Sex Offender Duty to Regis; Ct. 2 Sex Offender Duty to Regis

McGeeney, Kevin, 11/07/1969 of Durant, Okla., POSS C/S w/int Del - Meth

Dixon, Arthur, 08/13/1970 of Sherman, Forgery

Robichaud, Jeffrey, 03/11/1968 of Sherman, Forgery

Dixon, Tiffany, 09/12/1975 of Sherman, Forgery

Sheren, Barbara , 03/01/1971 of Sherman, Theft Prop <$2500 2+ Conv. Enh

Lowery, Stephanie, 01/27/1985 of Denison, Agg Robbery

Reeves, Brittnay, 02/26/1992 of Sherman, Abdn. End. Child. Crim. Neg.

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