Grayson County Grand Jury indictments

Kelly, Christopher, 05/19/1981 of Waxahachie, POSS C/S - Meth

Williams, Kelvin, 07/07/1973 of Sherman, FTA

Hall, Joseph, 08/04/1980 of Bells, Ct. 1 POSS C/S w/int deliver- Meth; Ct 2 Tamper/Fabr. Phys Evid w/int. to impair

Gillean, Cole, 11/02/1981 of Sherman Ct. 1 POSS C/S - Meth; Ct 2 Tmpr/Fabricate Phys Evid w/Int to imp.

Mitchell, Timothy II, 04/03/1983 of Denison, Retaliation

Hughes, Stephanie, 12/08/1967 of Sherman, Forgery

Benitez Perez, Juan, 06/10/1993 of Whitesboro, Evading Arrest w/MV

Barnum, Timothy, 02/21/1972 of Denison, Retaliation

Dawson, Calie, 09/01/1992 of Whitewright, Engage in Organized Criminal Activity

McKinney, Eric, 04/25/1960 Van Alstyne, Forgery Financial Instrument

Freeman, Shelby, 11/25/1991 of Pottsboro, DWI 3rd or More

Wheaton, Matthew, 12/26/1976 of Dallas, Ct. 1 POSS Marij>4 oz.<= 5LBS; Ct. 2 POSS C/S - Meth

Walker, Johnathan, 03/18/1996 of Sherman, Tamper Fabricate Phys. Evid.

Martin, Kelly, 11/20/1986 of Pilot Point, Evading Arrest w/MV

Tapia, Marcos, 08/07/1995 of Gunter, UUMV

Payne, Synobia, 06/22/1987 of Gordonville, POSS C/S - Meth

Polley, Jorey, 08/13/1998 of Collinsville, Forgery

Vaughan, Keith, 01/18/1982 of Van Alstyne, POSS C/S - Meth

Rodriguez, Moises, 11/12/1985 of Sherman, Theft Wire/CBL 50% Alum/Brnz/Cppr <$20,00

Lair, Jason, 11/15/1989 of Denison, Theft Wire/CBL 50% Alum/Brnz/Cppr <$20,00

Mclinsky, Andrew, 09/06/2000 of Denison, Criminal Mischief >=$2,500<$30K

Drew, Austin, 07/26/2000 of Denison, Criminal Mischief >=$2,500<$30K

Henderson, Ashley, 02/23/1988 of Durant, Okla., Tamper Fabricate Phys. Evid w/int

Carter, Langston II, 06/21/1982 of Denison, Burglary of Habitation

Dickson, Brianna, 03/30/1992 of Durant, Okla., POSS C/S DFZ - Valium

Roberts, Christina, 04/01/1986 of Sherman, Theft Prop <$2,500 2/more prev. conv.

Sommers, Jarvis, 01/03/1989 of Sherman, POSS C/S w/int. deliv. - Tetrahydrocannabinol

Wilks, Timothy Jr., 07/31/1997 of Denison, Burglary of Building

Jacobs, Bryan, 03/01/1994 of Denison, Theft Prop <$2,500 2/More prev. conv.

Flores, Juan Carlos, 08/06/1971 of Denison, Agg Robbery

Allen, Trevor, 11/14/1976 of Denison, Agg Assault w/DW

Parker-Wilson, Lazat, 05/28/1971 of Dallas, Brglry of Habit. Int. other Felony

Eshelman, Laura, 03/30/1972 of Denison, Ct. 1 Credit/Debit Card Abuse; Ct. 2 Credit/Debit Card Abuse; Credit Card/Debit Card Abuse; Ct. 1 Credit/Debit Card Abuse; Ct. 2 Credit/Debit Card Abuse;Ct. 3 Credit/Debit Card Abuse

Jones, Patrick, 09/11/1995 of Allen, POSS C/S w/int - Meth

Polk, Rakeem, 06/17/1999 of Sherman, Ct. 1 Sexual Assault Child; Ct. 2 Injury Child/Eldr/ w/int bdly inj.

Hernandez, Marcos, 10/02/1990 of Sherman, Agg Sexual Assault Child

Rivera Cintron, Marlon, 05/04/1981 of Sherman, ACBI/FV Impede Breath

Medina, Monica12/12/1977 of Melissa, Theft Prop <$2,500 2/more prev. conv.

Sloan, Stephen, 02/04/1987 of Sherman, Agg Assault w/DW

Kinney, Tyler, 09/25/1990 of Sherman, Assault EMS Personnel Prov. Serv.

Ingland, Nocona, 10/11/1972 of Merkel, Theft Prop <$2,500 2/more prev.

Miller, Joshua, 03/02/1993 of Sherman, Theft Prop <$2,500 2/more prev. conv.

Riley, Mary, 06/19/1996 of The Colony, Assault Public Servant