Grayson County Health Inspectors give four businesses "C's"

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A health inspector said a gas station on East Main street in Denison received a "C" grade because they had a heavy accumulation of rodent droppings under the drink counter and behind an ice machine.

But they weren't the only business that received a low grade.

The Grayson County Health Department also gave a "C" grade to Southern Maid Donuts in Denison and Sherman, as well as Taco Hondumex, a travelling food bus.

In the Denison Southern Maid Donuts, health inspectors found employees not washing their hands, meanwhile in the Sherman Southern Maid, an inspector found food was held at an improper temperature.

The health department says plumbing was not hooked up to the hand sink inside Taco Hondumex.

Marshall Ward with the Grayson County Health Department said while these places did technically pass their health inspection, its their obligation to make sure those businesses don't make the same mistakes.

"So not only are we inspecting making visual observations, documenting them, but again safety. I want to make sure and so do my other colleagues when we walk out our front door, hopefully they will be more well versed on the particular topic we consulted with them," said Ward.

As for that convenience store on East Main Street in Denison, which is now under new ownership, the Grayson County Health Department says they advised them to contact pest control to get rid of their rat problem.