Grayson County farm is offering produce delivery

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BELLS, Tex. (KXII) - The folks at Gentlesoll farms say they are harvesting more vegetables now than they did before the coronavirus hit, to help fill the needs of people in the area buying produce.

"Right now we can harvest about 1,500 heads of lettuce a week," said Gentlesoll Farm owner Aimee Dennis.

Gentlesoll Farms, owned by Dennis and her family, had to make some slight changes to the way they did business over the past few weeks.

"We had to switch from commercial supplier to residential, direct-to-consumer supplier. What we had planned on having available for certain restaurants became a need for people stuck at home," said Dennis.

Anyone can now pick up produce from this farm near Bells, or have it delivered.

"Now, I have orders every morning that we have to pull and get ready and sent out," said Dennis.

You can find lettuce, tomatoes, and many more vegetables at the farm, as well as the Denison Farmers Market and food pantries.

"We have donated with Master Key Ministries and we have a couple other outlets where we have been able to donate also," said Dennis.

Dennis wants people to keep in mind different alternatives to buying groceries, instead of going to a crowded super market, and potentially get sick.

"We're trying to be an outlet to people who want to pick up products without having to be around so many people, or worrying about who came in an hour earlier," said Dennis.

If you would like to order online, follow the link below: