Grayson County neighborhood without water again, taking action

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- "It seems like we've talked to everybody," said Kennis Blankenship,
a homeowner in the High Country Estates.

It's the fourth time since July 1, this neighborhood has been without water for 24 hours or more and they're starting to lose hope.
"We just want water, that's it. There's no politics in this, you know," said Blankenship.

Grayson County Emergency Manager Sarah Somers says Texas Rain Holding Company - who manages their water - is working to fix what they say is an electrical problem with the pump there.

Kennis Blankenship isn't willing to wait anymore.

"We tried everybody here locally and we can't seem to get anything done. So hopefully, with the office in the Governor's office, we'll at least be able to get something started," said Blankenship.

The neighborhood is outside of the Sherman city limits but the city applied last august through the Texas public utilities commission to take over managing the water there.

Over a year later, no word from the state.

"Unfortunately, because of the red tape that the state has put in front of us, it's not something that the state has given us the green light to do yet," said Nate Strauch, Communications Manager for the City of Sherman.

It was news that fell on grateful ears, someone was finally trying to help.

"Oh, just wonderful, you know," said Blankenship.

So while they wait for an answer, neighbors vow to keep writing to lawmakers and reaching out to anyone they think could help.

"We're waiting on the state of Texas, basically, to get back to us and to say yes, it's okay for us to go back and take over this water system to provide a solution for this community," said Strauch.

Until then, the water situation at High Country Estates remains...fluid.

"It's terrible, it's just absolutely terrible," said Blankenship.