Groom's mom on hospice gets to attend wedding

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 10:36 PM CDT
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A Hugo couple bumped up their wedding date to this past Friday, so the groom's mom could attend.

She's on hospice and with the COVID-19 outbreak, she can't leave the nursing home.

Jayme Moore's mom has a communication tablet at her nursing home provided by her hospice care Guardian.

It's let her continue to be a part of the family during the pandemic.

Rachell and Jayme Moore were set up by mutual friends.

"Well, that's kind of an interesting story," Rachell said.

At first, she said no.

"After much persistence, they invited me to church with them," Rachell said.

And the rest was history.

"And I proposed on my knees," Jayme said.

That was in February, so their wedding came a little sooner than expected.

Around that same time, his mom went on hospice care. Her health started declining back in the fall.

"She really encouraged him and said it's time. You need to get this girl to the church," Rachell said.

The couple was already trying to move up their wedding date so she could come.

But her condition got worse, and then COVID-19 hit, so she couldn't leave her nursing home.

So her hospice company thought outside the box.

"They set up technology where families can use either Facebook Messenger or technology like Skype to see their loved ones," Rachell said.

Instead of sitting in a chapel pew, the mother of the groom still got to watch him get married through the lens of a screen.

"He got to wave at her, my son even he was standing beside me, he got to wave at Granny," Rachell said.

"I felt the joy that she was there," Jayme said.

Tears shed on both ends of the glass.

"And to look over, right before he said his vows, I said I need to show you Mama's here with you," Rachell said.

"She was there," Jayme said.

A moment not even a pandemic could take away.

"It's a really tough world out there. But you've got to hold onto hope and the people that you have," Rachell said.

They got to keep their venue, but the Moore's cut down their guest list to around 20 people.

They also had change their menu since certain foods weren't available.

For social distancing purposes, they sat four people to each table.

But all in all, they're grateful it got to happen sooner.

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