Guess wins coin toss to advance to Denison council runoff

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Charles Shearer was the top vote-getter in Denison's city council election ten days ago, but he didn't get a majority.

He advanced to a runoff for a seat on the Denison City Council, but we didn't know who would challenge him after Brian Hander and Rayce Guess both tied for second with 219 votes each.

"When five candidates run for one spot and then it ends up in a tie and two exactly having the same count, you know, how crazy can it get," Denison Mayor Janet Gott said.

State law said if two candidates tie then they would have to cast lots. In other words, a game of chance.

Denison City officials then asked the candidates if they would either like to flip a coin or roll dice.

"My choice is to flip," Guess said.

"I really want to do the dice roll," Hander said.

Gott then drew out of a hat the choice of flipping a coin.

Guess was heads and Hander was tails. The quarter was lucky for Guess.

"As a former history teacher, I find it very very crazy that the law is still in the books," Guess said. "But I'm still amazed and thank God that it came forward in my favor."

"I was sitting there thinking I can't imagine what they're feeling right now," Shearer said. "As hard as they both have worked and it's down to this, but history was made today."

We're told this is the first time in Grayson County election history that it's come down to casting lots.

"My greatest fear today was they would choose dice and roll the same number," Gott said. "Let's get this race on the way, lets fill this council seat!"

On top of that historic election moment, it was Gott's first event since becoming Denison's first female Mayor on Monday.

Voters will decide between Shearer and Guess in the runoff election Saturday June 16th.

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