Guitars donated to students, school seeking music program

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BOSWELL, Okla. (KXII)-- According to an Oklahoma State Department of Education data report, in 2018 nearly 30 percent of public school students in Oklahoma went to a school with no fine arts classes.

Schools like Boswell Public School, who have no music department because of lack in funding and state budget cuts.

Data shows that the state ended over a thousand fine arts classes from 2014 and 2018.

"Oklahoma right now is just in financial crisis in so many ways," said Tammi Perry, a kindergarten teacher in Boswell.

"We don't really have much music stuff at Boswell," said one high school student.

In January the kindergarten, first and second grade classes went to a music workshop hosted by Shawnda Rains' daughter, Lexi Rains at their studio in Denison.

"One of my students happened to mention to Shawnda's husband who play's instruments about the fact that he wanted a guitar from Santa Claus and didn't get it," said Perry.

Santa couldn't fit that guitar on the sleigh this year. That's when Lexi Rains stepped in.

"If I can give them two guitars and have some kind of music access that's enough for me, so its a start," said Rains.

18-year-old Lexi is a high school student and donated the guitars from her family's personal collection.

She says that music education is important for everyone.

"It's very upsetting to me that some kids don't have any access to arts," said Rains.

While the school may not have a music department any time soon, students from the Boswell kindergarten class were very eager and thankful for their gifts.