Gun rights advocates rally at Oklahoma Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - About two dozen peopled gathered outside Gov. Mary Fallin's office to urge her to sign legislation that would allow adults to carry handguns without a permit.

"Constitutional carry" already is law in a dozen states.

Oklahoma requires a license to carry a handgun openly or concealed. But Joe McCray of Manchester, Oklahoma, says the state has turned the right to bear arms into a privilege by requiring gun licenses for a fee.

Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, says people have a constitutional right to defend themselves without permission from the government.

Fallin, a supporter of gun rights, has not said whether she will sign the bill.

A leader from the state's top law enforcement agency has said the bill could create "a dangerous situation" for police officers and the public.

The Monday rally was organized by the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

Oklahoma currently requires a license to carry a handgun openly or concealed, though firearms may be carried openly without a permit in certain circumstances, including while hunting or target practicing.

In 2015, Fallin vetoed legislation that restricted businesses from banning guns at parks, fairgrounds and recreational areas.

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