Gunter kindergartner prepares for open heart surgery

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GUNTER, Tex. (KXII) A Gunter kindergartner will be undergoing open heart surgery next week to replace one of her aortic valves.

The doctors pretty much told us they didn't think she'd make it to her first birthday."

Despite doctor's predictions Alayna is now 5-years-old and her parents say she has a heart of gold.

"She is just such a sweet kid. She melts the heart of all of her teachers and the people who meet her."

But her heart needs some work.

When she was born, her dad, Jeff Hulsey says doctors gave them devastating news.

"She had aortic valve stenosis and pulmonary vein stenosis."

Pulmonary vein stenosis is a rare and serious condition which causes's blockage in the blood vessels between the heart and lungs.

While aortic stenosis means Alayna's heart is working harder to get her blood flowing.

Next week she will be undergoing one of the biggest procedures she's had so far to fix her aortic valve, open heart surgery.

"It's going to be a big one because no one wants to hear that they're going to have to open their child's chest."

Doctors will remove Alayna's aortic valve and replace it with her right pulmonary valve.

When she's teenager, she will have to go through this surgery again.

"What they use to change the aortic valve, one of them will be artificial. Eventually it will wear out. Her problems are going to be ongoing for the rest of her life."

But as of today, the family is optimistic about her future.
Alayna is learning how to walk and talk.

"Yes I guess you can say a little miracle."

To keep up with Alayna, visit the link on the side of this article.

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