Handling hail damage during Texoma's severe weather season

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GUNTER, Texas (KXII) -- Spring often means severe weather in Texas, and that can often mean hail and heavy damage.

"They say about every seven years we're going to have a really big hail storm so we're due."

Brian Kimberlin with Farmers Insurance says wind and hail are often top of the list when it comes to severe weather-related insurance claims filed in Texoma.

"If you do have some damage and you can put a tarp up you need to put that tarp up. It's required."

He advises customers to call their insurance anytime they have questions about filing any damage claims.

And there's not much you can do to prepare for storms.

But one Texoma man says his invention can help prevent damage.

"The blower system envelopes the vehicle with high pressure air, with a pretty even air over the entire vehicle. So it stops any size hail around the entire vehicle. So it stops any size hail down to the wheels."

This Hail Protector is inflated by remote control that could be powered from either an extension cord to your house, a 12V plug in your vehicle, or even by batteries.

Hundreds of thousands of people already own it.

"You'd be surprised. We're in 37 states out of the lower 48 states and 8 countries and on four continents just from a small business her in Gunter, Texas."

If you're wondering if the Hail Protector works, we put it to the test.

This giant inflatable balloon is strong enough to deflect a softball and even a 5-pound medicine ball.

"We've got videos that would amaze you."

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