Two arrested after four vehicle crash on Denison Dam

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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Two people were arrested after a four-vehicle crash closed down the Denison Dam Monday afternoon.

Troopers say two people were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, and two others were arrested.

One was arrested for driving with a suspended license, and the other for driving while intoxicated. Troopers would not specify as to which vehicles the two were in, though they say they believe drunk driving to be the cause of the crash.

Witnesses say a pickup truck with an attached trailer came to a stop in the middle of the two-lane road because people inside heard something dragging.

"I stopped behind them with my 4-ways on, another car stopped behind me. Another pickup came up and hit all three of us," said witness Walter McCroskey.

Both directions of the dam were shut down due to the crash. The Army Corps of Engineers and Grayson County Sheriff's Deputies were rerouting traffic away from the area.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.