Healdton city council denies motion for a recall election

Published: Sep. 6, 2016 at 10:38 PM CDT
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HEALDTON, Okla. (KXII) -- Two yes votes, one no vote, and two abstentions later, Healdton City Council members decided Tuesday not to discuss a recall election of at-large city councilor Linda Hill and Ward Two city councilor Treva Gage.

The petition to recall Hill and Gage started circulating in mid July, after Hill and Gage were accused of not properly handling a roll call vote, and knowingly disregarding corruption within the Healdton Industrial Authority.

The petition got the required 110 signatures in the allotted 30 day time frame to require a recall election to be discussed at the next meeting.

But that motion died Tuesday night.

Former mayor Rick Pender organized the petition to recall Hill and Gage.

"They took an oath to the citizens of the city to uphold the law, but they continue to fail and break the law." Pender said.

Gage disputed whether the petition was correctly formatted.

"The answer must be on the same page, the same size type, above the signatures, so the people signing it have the option to read both." Gage said. "And that was not done correctly."

But City attorney Bob Pinkerton says the city was obligated to address the petition at this meeting, according to the charter.

"We have no choice." Pinkerton said. "Our charter provides we must consider the recall."

Resident Brenda Woodland says the proposal to hold recall election is all a waste of time.

"It's a joke. They let their tempers and own agendas get in the way of city business." Woodland said.

Pender says he plans to talk to an attorney about filing a lawsuit against the city.