Packages pirated from police chaplain's porch

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HEALDTON, Okla. (KXII) -- Its a crime police are calling porch pirating, and its hitting Texoma again this holiday season.

"My youngest is five, and my oldest is 18. So lot's of different gifts," Porch theft victim Sharen Hale said. "Big family."

A grandmother of 12, Hale also works as a secretary, reverend and police chaplain. She uses online shopping to get ahead.

"A package had been delivered, by Amazon. They send you an alert my text or email. So I was like cool, that'd be great," Hale said. "I got home Monday night after work, and no package."

Police Chief Johnny Turner says if you won't be home, have packages sent to work or to a neighbor or relative instead.

Hale lost over $300 in gifts, but isn't angry. She only wants the criminal responsible to ask for help next time.

"There are churches all over this community, and many across the state that will help you feed your family, give you gifts for families," Hale said. "Reach out and help kids all across the state. You don't have to be a thief."

Turner also says security cameras can deter these crimes, such as the doorbell cameras that notify your phone whenever there's movement outside. Which is something Hale says she's putting up next week.

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