Health and fitness influencer's fans say they feel swindled

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- An Instagram influencer and health and fitness blogger based out of Grayson County is getting a lot of attention on social media but not all good.

Her followers are claiming she scammed them by selling a workout and diet plan that was not what they signed up for.

Brittany Dawn Fitness has 290,000 subscribers on YouTube, almost 560,000 followers on Instagram and 94,000 fans on Facebook.

But the Brittany Dawn Fitness complaints page on Facebook has almost 3,600 members and it's growing.

Her fans are claiming she swindled them by selling a diet and fitness plan that's unrealistic without a license in nutrition or personal training.

She says that's not true.

"She talked about being body positive, loving the skin you're in, being confident with the way you looked." said Grace Lynn Moss.

She says she bought a 30-day personalized diet and fitness program in January of 2015 from Brittany Dawn fitness for $110 to get ready for her wedding.

Moss says not only did the plan call for what she calls an unsafe amount of food.

"Not even six days after I started this program, all communication with her was gone," said Moss.

She's not the only one who says she got ghosted by the influencer.

"Nothing. Like, there was just no response," said Dr. Stephanie Waitt, an eating disorder specialist.

Moss says the experience left her feeling abandoned and inadequate and knew something was wrong.

"You know, I thought that maybe I'm doing something wrong," said Moss.

Dr. Stephanie Waitt says she reached out to Brittany Davis years ago about the dangerous diet plans she was providing and the messages she was sending in her posts, particularly one Instagram post in which she posts a picture of her at size 14, one at size 2 and at size double zero, with the caption #edsoldier.

"It was concerning that she in her marketing would say, like she would use eating disorder hashtags," said Waitt.

And to top it off, Moss says the 'personalized' products Davis promised were not exactly personal.

"Our workouts were identical," said Moss.

Waitt says Davis does not have the proper credentials to give out plans she advertises.

"A person with a personal training online certificate is not qualified to be giving nutrition advice," said Waitt.

Moss is banding together with other women who bought Davis' programs, to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else.

"I learned through all of this that nobody can take away that from you, your self worth," said Moss.

"It's cool she wanted to empower women with her platform, and her not delivering or selling this dangerous product has created a movement of women bonding together and saying, 'hey, this is a problem and we need to do something about it," said Waitt.

Brittany Davis did post an apology video to her YouTube page last Wednesday.

You can watch it here:

In a statement to News 12, she said:

"Brittany Dawn Fitness has and will continue to acknowledge the concerns and questions of our customers through direct conversations with each of them. I have set up a monitored customer service email where I have been able to accept and rectify more than half of the complaints through make-goods, refunds, and plans extensions, depending on each specific situation. Brittany Dawn Fitness and each of our stakeholders hope to positively move forward by working to put communication and quality fitness plan execution policies firmly in place so this will never happen again."