Healthcare, voter ID fraud, & abortion; Here are the propositions on your ballot

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- The final week of early voting is underway for next week's Texas primary elections, and many people are surprised about the several propositions listed on each ballot that deal with controversial issues.

The Republican ballot has 11 propositions, and the Democrat ballot lists 12 propositions that ask for a yes or no answer. The propositions act as a guide for lawmakers when it comes to creating new bills in state legislature.

One of the hot topics on the Republican ballot is making voter fraud a felony, something that local voter Ronnie Franklin said is a good thing.

"We have people in our country trying to change the laws by voting a certain way," Franklin said.

On the other side, the Democratic ballot lists a proposition that aims at making voting in Texas easier for everyone, something local Democrat Chuck Vaughn agrees with.

"I'm concerned about the gerrymandering that goes on," Vaughn said. "I'm not in favor of that."

Other Democrat propositions cover topics like creating a national jobs program, changing immigration policies, and making healthcare universal.

"I keep hearing stories of people who put off essential treatment because there is a cost," Vaughn said. "They can't afford it, and lots of people are not covered by an employer or group."

The Republican propositions cover topics like abolishing abortion in Texas, the bathroom bill, and repealing Obamacare from the state.

"I think the people need to have the freedom afforded in our constitution to choose an insurance policy or whatever they need," Franklin said.

Links to sample ballots, which include every proposition as well as candidates are, are to the right of this story.

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