Heavy rainfall causes flash floods in Southern Oklahoma

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DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) - Streets like G Street NW in Ardmore and Turner Falls in Davis took the worst of it.

"When we know when there's some storms coming in, we will get out ahead of time and talk to everybody that's in the park so they have a heads up and know what's coming," Asst. Chief of Police Dee Gregory said.

The park shut down early this morning after waters rose to an unsafe level - making it dangerous for cars to cross.

Assistant Chief of Police Dee Gregory says the park will stay closed until the water level lowers.

"Usually it takes anywhere from 8 to 16 hours for that depending on how high it gets to get down to a safe level to cross," Gregory said. "We will continue to monitor it."

Gregory says one car stalled in the city after attempting to drive through high waters but no one was hurt.

"Last time I looked it was 3.15 inches of rain, (when) we get that much rain that fast you know it's going to cover streets up pretty quick," Gregory said.

Nothing new for residents like Duane White who lives in Turner Falls near the creek that floods at least once a year.

White says it's the worst he's seen the park this year but it doesn't compare to past storms that have left the park closed for days.

"The water got real high," White said. "(It) got above the walking bridge and got above the bridges so it got pretty nasty."

But thanks to the early warnings from the park, White and his neighbors are able to prepare ahead of time.

"They park their cars across the creek so they have a way out," White said. "If they need to go somewhere or to the grocery store, they're prepared."

You can visit Turner Falls website for updates on the parks closure.

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