Heightened security after Sulphur schools threatened

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SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) -- "I was just really nervous, you wouldn't think something like that would happen, it's SUCH a small town," says Sulphur parent Brittany Mensch.

"I don't think it's a liable threat but still, nowadays you cant, you can't set it aside and say its no big deal," says Sulphur parent Jacie Kirby.

Superintendent Gary Jones says around 10:45 Friday morning, a student found a shooting threat on a bathroom hand dryer.
The message said someone was upset with things and that a shooting will happen Monday.
There was also a drawing of a gun pointing at a stick figure.
Parents say they weren't aware of the threat until the afternoon.

"Well what makes me nervous is like they knew about this in the morning and I didn't find out until I already had my kids from school," says Mensch.

Superintendent Jones says they notified parents of the threat with their Remind 101 notification, the school's website and Facebook .
He says parents were notified that way because so many people are connected online.

"I don't know there's no right way to let parents know about this threat but they still, it shouldn't have been Facebook," says Kirby.

"I didn't know about it until my mother in law sent it to me on Facebook and said 'hey look at this'," says Mensch.

Sulphur police are investigating.
There will be a large police presence on campus Monday, but parents I spoke with say they're unsure if they'll be sending their kids to school.

"We'll probably keep them home Monday just to be on the safe side. Even with police presence, we may still, but nowadays you don't know," says Kirby.

"They sent out saying they're gonna have police there and doing everything they can and even then it's just nerve racking," says Mensch.

The superintendent says law enforcement will be on school grounds until this situation is no longer deemed a threat.

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