High lake level is not bad news

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- "Swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, there's a lot of activities we can do and it's really fun," said Shepherd, a camper.

For some marinas, the water hitting heights of ten feet above normal means they're forced to change the way they do business.

Highport having to close its island restaurant and many boaters forced to take water taxis because boardwalks underwater.

"A lot of places you've heard are closed or the lake level is so high," said Megan Burleson with Texoma Destinations.

But for others, like Lighthouse Marina and resort more water is a good thing.

"Just gives more water to swim in," said Paige, a camper.

And it's not just swimming.

"The fishing is incredible. So fish are biting, people are going with guides and fishing off the shoreline and catching more fish than they have in a really long time," said Burleson.

That's not to say the marina hasn't been affected by the rising water.

"We're sitting on a picnic table with our feet in the water," said Cooper, a camper.

Some recreation areas, including most of the RV camping area, are underwater but staff says they haven't had to turn anyone away, though some guests have moved to different properties.

"We are getting a lot of calls. There's a lot of reports that say Lake Texoma is closed and that is absolutely not true. We are busier now than we have been in the last few weeks," said Burleson.

The Army Corps of Engineers says boat ramp access and recreation opportunities may be limited but they are still there.

The focus right now though, is safety for those that do choose to go out.

"We've seen a couple police boats that just check out the lake and everything," said Brandon, a camper.

For campers at Lighthouse, more water in the lake just means more fun.

"It's really fun to jump off the canoes and stuff into the lake in the deep part," said Jordyn, a camper.

"We're open for business, ready for you guys to come out and have a good time," said Burleson.

The Corps says camping opportunities at Army Corps facilities are still available at Buncombe Creek, Juniper West, Johnson Creek, Caney Creek, Platter Flats, Preston Bend, and Texas Damsite Campgrounds.