High-speed chase through multiple counties ends in Fannin Co.

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BONHAM, Tex. (KXII) Fannin County deputies traded gun fire with a suspect in a police chase out of Collin County.

The chase crossed the county line around 6:00 AM and lasted for about a half hour hitting speeds of over 100 mph.

Lt. Frank Deater with the Fannin County Sheriff's Office says mid-pursuit, the suspect's vehicle came to a stop in Windom when one of the passengers got out with a gun.

"There was a brief moment that it was stopped, the pursuit stopped. The rear-seat passenger got out pointed a gun at one of the Bonham officers. The officer fired at the subject. Subject jumped back in the car. Pursuit took back off again," says Deater.

After throwing their guns and marijuana out the car windows, the suspects called 911 and said they were ready to peacefully surrender.

Only the vehicles were hit in the shooting; nobody got hurt.