High speed chase through Bryan County injures officer

BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- A man leads several agencies on a chase through Bryan and Grayson Counties Tuesday afternoon, that left an officer injured.

A viewer shot video of the chase just minutes before it all came to an end.

"Just sitting out here minding my own business, fixing flats and fixing cars and then the sirens go off," said owner of Casteels Tire Billy Sprouse.

Sprouse works off 75 in Calera, so the action happened right in front of his eyes.

"We just kinda waited around here and waited for them to come back," he said.

His employees turned on the scanner.

"After a little bit, you could hear 'em turn around in Texas and now they said he's headed back north. So we just kinda waited out here and waited for him to come back," Sprouse said.

Police said it all started when they tried to pull over Timothy West for speeding in Calera. An officer reached into the car to try to turn it off but West took off, injuring that officer's arm.

OHP says West sped south on 75 toward Colbert at about 90 miles per hour where he swerved toward an officer's patrol car, and Colbert Police joined the chase.

"They had a lot of traffic moved out of the way as he was coming through. So at this time when he was coming there wasn't a whole lot of traffic that I could see," Sprouse said.

They told us he crossed the border into Grayson County, where Texas DPS took charge. Then he turned around and headed back to Calera.

"He wasn't running anyone off the road that I saw. But he wasn't stopping either," Sprouse said.

OHP troopers joined in, finally stopping West near McKinley Street and Ninth Avenue.

Photos were taken courtesy of Robert Petersen.

West reportedly said the only reason he stopped was because Oklahoma Troopers were taking over the pursuit.

He had non life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital.

West was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, felony assault with a deadly weapon and eluding, among other charges.

He did not have his driver's license or insurance.