Highport Marina rebuilding dock destroyed in July's fire

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- The boat dock destroyed in July's massive fire at Highport Marina is now being rebuilt.

The fire also burned and sunk 17 boats, causing millions of dollars in damage.

Investigators said the fire in July at Highport Marina started when a worker not employed by the marina was removing water from a gas tank. That's when a clamp from an electrical pump fell on metal and sparked, igniting the fire that burned for six hours.

"Saw the smoke off in the distance,"James Kirkpatrick said.

It's a day James Kirkpatrick remembers very well.

"Pretty much in shock, the damage that occurred with all the boats in there was pretty bad," Kirkpatrick said.

For weeks after the fire, crews were working to clean up the lake.

Kirkpatrick's family has boats right next to the U-Dock. He's seen every step of recovery.

"Basically saw it from when they were trying to remove everything that had sunk, to them taking down the old dock and removing that," Kirkpatrick said.

In the beginning of November, Highport Marina saidthey started to rebuild. They now have the boat dock back up, but they are still working on the finishing touches like putting in electrical wiring.

Once the dock opens back up, the marina says former U-Dock members will have first choice in docking there again.

"Having a new one up just kind of signifies just moving on and hopefully moving in a better direction, not having those issues anymore," Kirkpatrick said.

Highport Marina staff declined to interview on camera, but said they don't have a re-opening date for the U-Dock yet.

The Texas State Fire Marshal's Office said they're still working to complete the investigation