Sherman plans to reverse ramps on northbound Highway 75 near FM 1417

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- As Sherman city staff prepare for two multi-million dollar developments at the FM 1417 and U.S. Highway 75 intersection, they are also preparing the roads.

"We know that traffic is going to increase a lot there, we know that traffic from the south is going to increase a lot," Nate Strauch with the city of Sherman said.

With the Sherman Crossroads retail and medical development on the northwest corner and plans for Schulman's Movie Bowl Grille on the southeast corner, traffic is predicted to increase.

But right now, the exit for FM 1417 from 75 northbound is just yards away from the stoplight and Sherman resident Mark Graham said he sees the congestion it causes on a daily basis.

"You come off of it and you're right here and it bottlenecks on you, it'll start backing up big time, you'll be backed up on the highway," Graham said.

So Monday night, the council approved an agreement with an engineer to come up with a design to reverse the on and off ramps. Meaning where you get onto 75 right now, will soon become where you get off to exit for 1417.

"Giving the traffic that is getting off the highway longer to slow down and giving the traffic that is getting on the highway longer to speed up," Strauch said.

This ramp reversal is similar to the construction happening in Denison at the Highway 75 and Morton Street intersection.

"There will be traffic impacts when the construction is going on, as there is with anything like this, but once it's done it will make for a smooth transition for automobiles coming up from the south to Schulman development, Sherman Crossroads or really to anything in that 1417 area," Strauch said.

The city now needs to give an approved design to TxDOT before construction begins in 2018.