Homeowner holds wanted suspect at gunpoint until police arrive

ATOKA COUNTY, Ok. (KXII)-- Just before 8 a.m. on Thursday authorities say Hunter McClure and Lane Crawley were clocked doing more than 100 mph in a stolen truck in Pittsburg County.

When Crawley was not able to show the officer an ID, he took off, and the chase began.

A resident of Stringtown, Sonny Smith saw the chase firsthand, "we were coming back from Atoka and a cop came around us and made this corner up here".

The Atoka County Sheriff's Office, Atoka Police, Oklahoma Highway Patrol along with the Choctaw Tribal Police all joined in the pursuit.

Atoka County Sheriff Tony Head said McClure and Crawley drove through a fence near Mt. Olive church and cemetery, then crashed into a nearby creek.

Carrie Ivey who also lives in Stringtown said, "that's when they started running and later on they caught one".

Ivey was helping serve food to middle school students in Stringtown when the school went on lock down.

Investigators say they caught McClure near Miller Road with a loaded gun in his pocket but police K9's had to be called in to search for Crawley.

A neighbor found Crawley around 5:30 p.m. when he saw Crawley on his property, stopped him, and held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

Smith said this, "a guy named Big John was holding em down until the police arrived".

Both McClure and Crawley are still in custody and facing charges of eluding and felon in possession of a firearm in Atoka County.

They will also face additional charges in Pittsburg County.