Honey Grove ISD installs panic buttons

Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 10:28 PM CDT
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Honey Grove ISD invested in a new security system called "MadeSafe." It was created by Enseo, a company that primarily provides technology solutions to hotels, but has recently begun advertising its "MadeSafe" system to school districts

According to the CEO of Enseo, Vanessa Ogle, this allows teachers and students to be safer in their classrooms, no matter the emergency, with more efficient communication.

“When we can give accurate information faster to first responders, we save lives. Honey Grove is really jumping ahead of a problem in the market," says Ogle.

Every faculty member in the district will have a device on them at all times. The device has a button for medical emergencies and a button for lockdown procedures.

When a situation arises and a button is pressed, every teacher will be notified via smart phone of the emergency and where on campus the button was pressed.

This will allow teachers to immediately begin lockdown procedures in their classrooms.

The local police department receives the same notification when a button is pressed.

This being a new system, Honey Grove parents will be given more information in the coming weeks, but parents encourage new ways to keep their kids safe.

Parent of a Honey Grove student, Lyndsey Shaw says, “If they can use something that will notify the whole school and put everybody on lockdown and we get attention there immediately, I’d be totally fine with it.”

Honey Grove's first day back to school was Wednesday, and the new system has been installed. Morrison says every faculty member at Honey Grove will have a device on their person by next week.

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