Hope for Marshall County prepares to open new facility

OAKLAND, Okla. (KXII) - Coututier Wand recently moved to the area when she heard about Hope for Marshall County.

"I didn't know what it was and it just so happened she helped with food and I was in need of food at the time and ever since we just became close," Wand said.

Now Executive Director Gwen Wilson says they are near the end of their most recent project - a complete transformation of a home on Elizabeth Boulevard in Oakland.

"One of the things the area needed was a place for people to get off of the street," Wilson said. "Some place they could come and just get warm and feel a part of a family and know that someone cared."

Wilson says anyone can use the facility to take a shower, do laundry, grab some clothes or food and just have a space to cool off or warm up.

"We have been blessed that all the items that we needed whether it was furniture, the leveling, the flooring - all of that was donated by local businesses in Marshall County," Wilson said.

Wilson says it's all free of charge, all they ask is that those using the services volunteer at least two hours a month to help keep the home clean and organized and take a budgeting class offered by the organization.

"Don't be embarrassed, come as you are," Wand said. "We've been up, we've been down and you know this is a place that you just come and they accept you who you are."

Wilson says they expect to host a grand opening on March 10.

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