Howe ISD school board proposes $17 million school bond

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HOWE, Texas (KXII) -- After months of considering different options, the Howe ISD school board has decided to call a $17 million bond to build a new primary school.

We're told if the bond passes, the current elementary school would become an intermediate school to address overcrowding issues at both there and at the middle school, which were built in the 60s.

"We're at capacity right now," said Kevin Wilson, Howe ISD superintendent.

Wilson said the district has seen more than 9% growth in enrollment in the last year alone. They expect it to be up nearly 70% by 2025.

That's why the school board wants a new primary school building for grades pre-k through 2nd.

"The master plan would be to eventually add on to that and make a full elementary," added Wilson.

Right now, the elementary serves pre-k through 4th grade and the middle school serves 5th through 8th grade.

By creating a new primary school, the then intermediate would be relieved of two grades and the middle school would be relieved of one.

"So we would relieve pressure on both campuses by removing some grade levels from that," said Wilson.

The town's tax rate would increase about $290 a year for the average home, priced around $156,000.

The folks we talked to say that's money well spent.

"The kids in our town and school are the biggest asset," said Norman Dickey, a Howe resident.

"I graduated from Van Alstyne and that's the same school there, the elementary school, that was there when I went to school in Van Alstyne, so it's definitely ready for an upgrade," said April Marshall, a Howe ISD parent.

Residents will be able to make their vote at the polls on November 7th.

Early voting begins October 23rd at the community center.

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