Howe police dash cam video shows high speed chase that ignited several fires

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A high speed chase took about 25 law enforcement officers through two counties last night, igniting several fires on the way.

Viewer Stephen Snider was driving home from Target Monday night and his fiance caught it all on camera.

"We decided to go to Sonic, and were coming down the highway to Spur 503," Snider said. "We saw smoke and a few flames."

Snider suspected a trailer dragging chains, or even kids shooting off fireworks.

"But it ended up being the chase, we come to find out," Snider said.

24-year old Garrett Morott was the driver of the gray truck. The chase began around 8 p.m. in McKinney.

Cops suspected Morott was drunk, but when they tried to pull him over, he sped off.

"About 15 minutes until 8 p.m, Howe police overheard on the radio communications from Van Alstyne stating there was a high speed pursuit on Highway 5," said Howe police Lt. Michael Hill.

Hill jumped into action. His patrol car's dash cam video showed him heading to Ponderosa Road and Highway 5.

"We were just here trying to slow speeds down," Hill said. "He had no regard for public safety ever."

He threw out spikes. Morott's vehicle blazed by at speeds well over 100 miles per hour.

"The vehicle ran over the spikes," said Hill."We got the left front tire but he did continue north."

Morott's car rims ignited several grass fires. Witnesses said it looked like his whole truck was going up in flames.

"Pretty wild they made it as far as they did on rims," Snider said.

Morott and his two passengers made it almost to the Red River before his truck gave out about 35 minutes later.

"It's important to collaborate with other agencies, especially with someone as small as us, our little six to seven mile stretch here," Hill said.

Morott was booked into the Collin County jail with the evading arrest charge. His two passengers were not arrested and nobody was hurt.

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