INCA Community Services provides 'Be Ready Bags'

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INCA Community Services has new ways to help people in the counties it serves prepare for winter storms.

An example of a "Be Ready Bag."

INCA/ RSVP director Wanda Gray says their organization is offering a disaster preparedness program to help people -- especially seniors --develop a plan to stay safe during extreme weather.

Gray said the seminars focus on teaching people how to be prepared before the disaster hits.

She says after the seminar, attendees get an insulated "Be Ready Bag".

Gray says the bags are insulated for medication, and have a list of
emergency essentials on the side of the bag, that people often forget before a storm hits.

I would just say, just always have a plan," INCA /RSVP director Wanda Gray said. "And if you think you're plan is going to work, have another plan to back that one up."

Gray says anyone interested in a "Be Ready Bag" seminar, should contact the Tishomingo INCA office.

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