Icy conditions caused dozens of crashes and a fatal accident

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Police say icy conditions caused dozens of car crashes last night, even a fatality in Denison.

Since eight P.M. Tuesday night, Denison police said they've worked over 25 car accidents, including one fatality here off Highway 75 and FM 691.

"Wound up coming down on an embankment on the service road of 691 and the vehicle did roll over and one person ejected and later passed away," said Denison Police spokesperson Lt. Mike Eppler.

The crash happened just before eight P-M. Lt. Eppler said a 40 year-old Princeton resident, Rafael Gonzales, was riding in a Nissan Extera driven by his wife. He died a short time afterward. She was taken to TMC for minor injuries. Only this crash was deadly, but there were dozens of others blamed on the ice.

"People thought there maybe was no problem then when they hit the bridges and overpasses, that's when they would lose control," Lt. Eppler said.

"There was a pretty bad accident under the bridge by 75," said driver Cody Carlson. "I heard to not head south if you didn't have to."

"I stayed home last night because I did not want to be in this mess," said driver Kebrina Hartfield. "I heard so many sirens and I was like no, I cannot afford it."

Texas DPS Troopers told us they worked 28 crashes in North Texas.
Sherman police said they worked 24 crashes, six of those had serious injuries. OHP Troopers said they worked six in the Bryan County area with only one minor injury.

"It's one of the busiest ones we've had in awhile," said Lt. Eppler."It's not uncommon to have a large number of accidents when you have icy conditions."

Officers said if you do lose control of your car on the ice, don't hit the gas or brakes. Steer the wheel in the direction your car is sliding.

"Slow down," said Carlson. "Just because the speed limit is 80 miles an hour, it was icy this morning too, there's no need to go more than 65."

"Don't drive," Hartfield said. "If you have food and water, stay home."

Police said with or without bad driving conditions, to focus on the road when you're behind the wheel.

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