Increase in enrollment triggers possible school bond for Denison ISD

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Seven years after voters pass the massive bond package that built Denison's new high school, the superintendent said another school bond could be in the cards.

"We're getting close to capacity, but we're not quite there yet," said Denison Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott.

Scott said Denison's west side is growing fast, particularly at Mayes and Hyde Park elementary schools.

"Last year both of them picked up 40 students each and if that was to happen again this Fall, we're going to have a conversation about what to do about it," Scott said.

Scott suggests they may ask the school board for a bond, proposing to expand the two campuses.

Denison voters passed a nearly 80 million dollar school bond in 2011 for the new high school and improvements to Munson Stadium. That bond also paid for additions to Hyde Park and Mayes, who took in students from Layne Elementary when the district closed it a year later.

Scott said property values have increased so there's a chance taxpayers wouldn't have to foot the bill this time.

"We would hope it could be done for zero or minimal increase in taxes," Scott said. "But there's no way in knowing that until you have a proposal ready for the public."

"That's probably a good thing," said a Denison grandparent. "I'm starting to see there's a lot of little children around and I think the schools are becoming full."

This Denison woman will have grandkids starting school soon and said if the classes are getting full, it's time to expand the schools.

"You can't have 30 kids and one teacher, you just can't do it," the grandparent said. "Smaller classes mean more instruction time for the individual children as they need it and I think that's important."

Scott said the potential bond could be proposed in a year or later.

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