Investigators say kids lit Denison home on fire

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- The Denison fire marshal has pinpointed not only what started a fire that destroyed a vacant home on Sunday, but also identified the culprits.

"Just engulfed in fire," said a neighbor. "Fire was coming through all ends."

Neighbors we spoke with wanted to remain anonymous, but said they are surprised to hear kids did this much damage.

"I was 10 years old once, but I've never done anything like that," said another neighbor.

After investigating the suspicious fire that happened Sunday afternoon off Elm and Ray Drive, the fire marshal said two 10 year old boys did it.

"You think they're just out playing having fun and all of a sudden this occurs," said another neighbor.

The kids told the fire marshal they lit curtains inside the vacant home and thought they put out the flames before they left, but the home is now a total loss.

"I think children should be involved in more sports so they don't have that kind of time to flee around and get into that kind of trouble," said a neighbor.

Neighbors said the pair should give back to the community as a lesson learned.

"Now they do need to be reprimanded, that's for sure," said a neighbor. "Put them to work, let them feel the pain put them to work, let them keep working until they understand what they're doing."

"I think they probably need to be slapped with some community service to help the fire department," said another neighbor. "To go in and clean up around the fire station, give them a job, that's what I'd do rather than be incarcerated."

According to county records, the home is a $87,000 loss.

As far as criminal charges for the kids, investigators said that's still up in the air.

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