Joe 'Exotic' returns home from hospital

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. (KXII) - Almost a week after being an accident that left him hospitalized for three days, Joe Maldonado Passage - better known as Joe 'Exotic' - is back home.

"All I can do is thank god that I didn't hurt no body else and that I am the only one that got hurt in the wreck," Exotic said.

Last Tuesday Maldonado was driving to his parents home to check on his elderly dad, who had just fallen, when he failed to yield at a stop sign on Highway 29 and was hit.

"Brain (was) going 99 and I could have sworn I looked both ways and unfortunately I pulled out in front of another pick up truck," Exotic said.

Maldonado was taken to an Oklahoma City hospital and treated for two broken vertebrae, a fractured femur and a cracked shoulder.

He says he will be undergoing surgeries, physical therapy and will be in a brace for at least 8 weeks.

The couple in the other truck were not hurt.

"I can sit here and feel sorry for myself all day long but I ain't got time for that," Exotic said. "I got to run the zoo and running for governor and everything else."

Maldonado says the pain caused by his accident has made him want to push even more to legalize marijuana in Oklahoma.

"Being able to have the option for legal marijuana versus opioid pain pills and all that stuff, I would rather have the option," Exotic said.

And he questions Governor Mary Fallin's intentions putting legalizing medical marijuana on the ballot at the end of her term.

"If she put it on there as her last little ditch to make it fail, we got a surprise for her," Exotic said.

Maldonado says he and his campaign will still be rallying at the capital Friday at noon to promote legalizing marijuana

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