What is jugging? A crime gaining notice in Texas

Published: Nov. 30, 2017 at 6:25 PM CST
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A lesser-known way to rob people of their holiday cash has hit the larger cities in Texas. It's called jugging and its closer to Paris than you may think.

What is jugging?

"People will pull up being in close proximity to an ATM or to a bank or something, to where they can see someone who is in the drive-thru at the ATM and doing some type of transaction," Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley said.

Watching you withdraw cash.

But It can turn violent as well.

Greenville Police say they are currently working several jugging cases.

"What we are hearing from the Metroplex area police departments and as close to us as Greenville is that people are watching these folks, following them to other places and either trying to break into their car or in some cases actually walking up and attempting to rob the people," Hundley said.

And Hundley says it's something they're keeping an eye out for.

"We are aware of this taking place. It has not happened in Paris or Lamar County yet. We would like to be a little bit more proactive and make sure people are aware about this," Hundley exclaimed.

Christmas shoppers like Ken and Monica Preston say they'll be on the lookout now when getting cash.

"It makes you feel that you better be on guard at all times. Keep your money close at hand. It kind of makes me wonder if we need to get back in the truck where we just put our money that we got out of the ATM."

Hundley says if something doesn't feel right, take action.

"Drive off, make the block or something and come back and if they are still there or if they start following you, if anyone starts following you, call 911 right then and we'll get a police car to you. It's just the time that we have to be more aware that people are out there looking for victims," Hundley added.