Kelly Miller Circus may shutdown for good

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The Kelly Miller Circus opened its doors Thursday night to hundreds of visitors.

Ringmaster Rebecca Ostroff said Thursday night's performance is the four hundred first show and the finale to their 2017 season.

"Everybody is excited," Ostroff said, "This is the closing day so it's like the other 400 shows never happened, everyone is full of joy and happiness and energy."

But it could also be the last performance of the Kelly Miller circus now that Ostroff says the current owner, John Ringling North II will be stepping down.

Ostroff is hopeful they will return in 2018 for their 80th year.

"Our owner John Ringling North is going off to a new adventure but the Kelly Miller Circus has been around for 79 years with several different owners so we are pretty excited about the unknown and the future," said Ostroff.

John Ringling North II was also honored with a Governor's Commendation from Governor Mary Fallin for his accomplishments with the circus.

Ostroff says after their last performance the circus will be packing up and heading back to Hugo, Oklahoma for the winter.

"We take care of these animals all year long - 24 hours day 7 days a week 365 days a year - and bring them to share with you," Ostoff said.

Ostoff says the Kelly Miller Circus could be back for their 2018 season as early as March.

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